Project Forest is a non-profit created by Tree Time Services as a way to unite private sector companies across Alberta in an initiative to reduce carbon and rewild Alberta. This project included naming, brand development, video development, writing, and website design​​​​​​​.
Treetime needed a name for this project. We created a name that is memorable, enduring and trustworthy, but approachable enough that audiences want to get to know the brand better. After wordsmithing multiple iterations, Project Forest emerged as the clear front runner. It has a sense of accomplishment and is uncomplicated and could withstand any future changes that could come to the program. 
From the name, we began crafting a brand story using a voice and tone that got people excited about the possibility of growing an entire forest, locally. We chose a colour palette based on nature, which includes earth, air, water, fire and forest. 
We also developed a logo symbolizing a tree growing from a shovel, surrounded by the carbon capture process. The result is a brand that instills confidence in people that by planting trees, we can affect real change – in our province and beyond. 
Campaign Creative
Project Forest doesn’t just plant trees. They grow forests, build habitats, clean the air and rewild Canada.  Trees clean the air and water by removing carbon. They literally suck. And so, our campaign –  Forests Suck – was born.
We ventured into the forest, and used orange smoke bombs, representing CO2, to film (in reverse) a tree sucking the hazy smoke back into itself. The result was a dramatic 30-second video with a surprise “Forests Suck” statement at the end.
Using the tongue-in-cheek headline, we produced a series of social media graphics and display ads to generate leads for Project Forest’s first forest that needed funding.
Project Forest needed an online platform where potential forest-funders could go to find out the who, what and why of funding an entire forest. We designed a website that shared valuable forest facts, the process of funding a forest, and how businesses could get involved and fund forests right here in Alberta. A variety of forest-themed illustrations were created on birchwood backgrounds along with an interactive map that will eventually house all of the forest projects on the go.

Summit Awards 2021
Forests Suck – BEST OF SHOW, Integrated Campaign – Not-for-profit
Forests Suck – GOLD for Not-for-profit video
Ace Awards 2021
Forests Suck – Not-for-profit campaign – Ace of distinction
Project Forest – Not-for-profit logo – Ace of distinction
Forests Suck – Not-for-profit social media advertising single – Ace of distinction
Forests Suck – Not-for-profit website under $50K  – Ace of distinction
On this project, I was the creative director as well as lead designer. Web design was created with Laura Erickson. Videography by Dan Wilberg. Writing by Jon Manning and Lisa Babiuk.
Created while at Habit. 
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